mcelhanneyPT McElhanney Indonesia (PTMI) akan mengadakan kursus Introduction to MapInfo Professional selama 2 hari, dan juga kursus Intermediate MapInfo Professional selama 2 hari juga di Jakarta. Pelatihan tersebut akan diadakan pada Januari 2009. Materi kursus “Introduction to MapInfo Professional” diantaranya adalah how to navigate, label and query maps, create thematic maps, use images, geocode address and use basic GIS analysis techniques. Di akhir kursus peserta akan mampu memahami dan mempraktekkan hal-hal berikut :

* understand the concepts, organization and files of MapInfo Professional.
* Control the display and views.
* Query MapInfo Professional databases using geographic and attribute criteria.
* Perform geocoding and thematic mapping.
* Create map layouts.
* Import raster and vector data, and more.

Sedangkan untuk kursus “Intermediate MapInfo Professional” peserta akan mampu mendalami hal – hal sebagai berikut :
* Advanced queries with multiple tables
* Join tables for thematic mapping
* Grid point data
* Create variable width buffers
* Export to external GIS and CAD files
* Create a custom map projection
* Clean polyline and polygon data
* Access Web Map Services
* Use additional MapBasic tools and more.

For more details on course dates and pricing contact: Mr. Karl Kliparchuk email: or Mr. Oliver Swaffield email: