mapinfo 9.5Pitney Bowes MapInfo , baru-baru ini mengumumkan pengeluaran MapInfo Professional 9.5, versi terbaru ini akan dirilis pada pertengahan Juni 2008. Versi baru ini menawarkan penambahan data editing dan creation tools, telah men-support Oracle Database 11g dan Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Tampaknya MapInfo ingin mendahului ArcGIS 9.3 yang rencananya baru akan rilis Agustus tahun ini juga. Berikut adalah hal terbaru dan perbaikan dari versi sebelumnya :

Data Creation and Editing Tools – New CAD functionality
40 New Data Editing Functions for a wide range of applications
• Property planning, cadastre mapping, parcel mapping
• Road, rail, and other transport network data
• Public service infrastructure such as communications, electric, water and gas networks
Programming with .NET
• Design your GUI in .NET and run within MapInfo Professional
• Embed MapInfo Professional inside your .NET application. Write it in VB.NET or C# or any .NET compliant language
Better Looking Maps
• Automatic labeling around points
• Extended formats for custom symbol support
• Vector translucency (coming in November)
• Map anti-aliasing (coming in November)
Enhanced Data Access
• Support for MS SQL 2008 Spatial data format
• Oracle 11G & annotation text
• OGC WFS-Transaction support

Ease of Use
• Quicker: access layer operations from the right click menu
• Flexibility: sub categorize your custom symbols – your way
• Quickly: pick the same color, line or pattern each time, every time
• More Familiar: Vista/Windows-XP application look
Enhanced Licensing & Deployment
• Workgroup deployment option – share your MapInfo files with other users
• Support for activation from proxy server based networks
• For Enterprise deployment, continued support for Citrix, silent installer support and support of scripting and silent product activation