ST-Links Spatial Kit adalah ArcGIS extension gratis untuk melakukan koneksi spatial database ke PostGIS (PostgreSQL), SQL Server 2008 / 2008 R2, Oracle atau MySQL tanpa diperlukan licensi ArcSDE. ST-Links Spatial Kit sebelumnya bernama ST-Links PgMap.

ST-Links Spatial Kit ArcGIS Extension

ST-Links Spatial Kit saat ini tersedia versi 3.0.4 untuk ArcGIS 10 (update terakhir tanggal 21 Oktober 2011) dan Spatial Kit versi 3.0.3 untuk pengguna ArcGIS 9.3. SpatialKit 3.0.x ini menggantikan versi sebelumnya yang masih bernama PgMap dan QMap.

Berikut fitur yang terdapat pada ST-Links Spatial Kit :

  • Work with Postgresql / PostGIS, SQL Server 2008 / 2008 R2 spatial databases
  • Seamlessly integrates with ArcMap
  • Use spatial tables and / or views as ArcMap Feature layers
  • Edit database spatial tables / views within ArcMap Editing Session
  • Support multi-connections, m
    ulti-databases, and various database systems
  • Persisting connections and layer information in map documents, and layer files
  • Align spatial reference identity codes with ArcMap spatial references
  • Support custom coordinate systems
  • Support SQL Server Geometry, Geography, and PostGIS Geometry data types
  • Support 2D, 3D, and 4D (Z values, and M values)
  • Support Cross Schemas in spatial databases
  • Provide view extent and attribute query setting for filtering spatial data while mapping
  • Provide conversion and loading functions for feature classes and spatial databases tables
  • Compatible with all database functionalities and business data models
  • Help you centralize your spatial data in one format for different platforms and applications
  • Help you centralize your spatial data with enterprise business databases
  • FREE

Download ST-Links Spatial Kit
Download ST-Links Spatial Kit user manual