Tabel di bawah ini membandingkan terminologi yang digunakan pada ArcView 3.x dan ArcGIS 9.x. 


ArcView 3.x


ArcGIS 9.x

Project Map document
Theme Layer
View, View frame Data frame
Table of contents Table of contents
Layout Layout, Layout View
Projection Coordinate system
Hotlink Hyperlink
Charts Graphs
Avenue scripts Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros
Select by Theme Select by location
Active theme Selectable layers (Each tool presents a list of layers to use)
AVL (legend file) Import symbology from a layer (.lyr) file
Ftab Recordset
Spatial join Join by location
North arrow frame Insert north arrow
Table Frame Add table to layout (Table menu)
Scale Bar Frame Insert Scale Bar
Picture Frame Insert Picture
Symbol window Symbol Selector
Symbol files Styles
Promote Selected Open Table for Selected
Multiple layouts Multiple documents
Database theme Geodatabase layer
CAD Reader CAD layer
Grid theme Raster layer
Image theme Raster layer
Image catalog Raster catalog
TIN theme TIN layer
Feature theme Feature layer
Convert to Shapefile Data –> Export
Add theme Add data
Extensions Extensions and toolbars
Brightness theme Transparency
Blub/Callout tool Text Callout tool
Add/Remove field Properties Fields (ArcCatalog) or Table window (ArcMap)
Create index Properties –> Fields (ArcCatalog)
New shapefile New shapefile (ArcCatalog)
Sort Table window –>column (right click) –> Sort
Summarize Dissolve Wizard
SQL Connect Add OLE DB Connection
View (Avenue) FocusMap (VBA)
Application (Avenue) Mxapplication (VBA)

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