Pada Video tutorial ArcGIS 3D Analyst yang bisa di download gratis bagian ke-3 ini terdiri atas 21 video yang merupakan kelanjutan  dari bagian pertama dan kedua


Rincian Video Tutorial ArcGIS – 3D Analyst kali ini adalah sebagai berikut  (klik judul untuk men-download video tersebut) :

  1. How to open a scene document and capture perspective views as keyframes to make an animation
  2. How to playback and clear an animation
  3. How to record navigation
  4. How to examine the default layers in ArcGlobe and add more layers
  5. How to change a layer’s drawing priority order and navigate in Globe mode
  6. How to turn on the spin toolbar and use the spin tools
  7. How to find places on a globe
  8. How to navigate in surce mode
  9. How to set application-level preferences in ArcGlobe
  10. How to set a document-level-option
  11. How to add elevation layers
  12. How to add draped layers and change the drawing priority of a layer
  13. How to set a target to initiate surface mode
  14. How to add a floating layer and set its elevation properties
  15. How to set a vertical exaggeration factor for floating layers
  16. How to load surface feature data point into a geodabatase
  17. How to load line surface feature data point into a geodabatase
  18. How to build a terrain from features
  19. How to view a terrain in ArcMap
  20. How to rasterize a terrain using a geoprocessing tool
  21. How to use a terrain as an elevation layer in ArcGlobe

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